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Astrology Compatibility Marriage Report

“Yours are brilliant. You not only know your stars, your writing is superb. Plus, the charming painted images at the beginning of each chapter are not only visually pleasing, they also reveal how much you care about presentation.” - Shelley Von Strunkel, Astrologer, Times Newspapers, on the Reports.

This astrology marriage compatibility report looks at whether you and your partner are marriage material from an astrological perspective.

Are you compatible for a long and fulfilling relationship or will certain factors emerge which will not make you compatible in the longer term. It will give you a greater understanding of yours and your partners needs and why you relate to each other in the manner you do.

It first looks at each partners individual birth chart, based on their date of birth, and whether they have any astrological planets that are favourable or are contrary for marriage compatibility within their own birth charts. Are you as individual predisposed to having a happy and successful marriage or are there factors in your charts that may be unfavourable for the commitment of marriage


The compatibility report then looks at how the two partners charts interact with each other. It starts of by looking at how the Mars and Venus of the individuals, which provide the spark of attraction between two people, relate to each other. Of the four elements of Fire, Air , Earth and Water are they both in similar or compatible elements ?

It then goes on to looks at how the two partners primary planets of self expression and nurturing, the Sun and Moon, are connected to each other. Are these also in similar or compatible elements ?

The astrology marriage compatibility report is beautifully illustrated throughout with unique drawings at the beginning of each major section indicating the major themes of the horoscope report. Our horoscopes are different to using a sign of the zodiac. We base our predictions on the positions of the planets, amongst other things, such as house cusps and moon nodes.

It will ultimately give you a greater understanding of yours and your partners needs and why you relate to each other in the manner you do and will hopefully give you some information about how good a match you are for each other.

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