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The AstrologersThe Astrologers
Astrologer Stephanie Johnson holds a Bachelor of Arts (Journalism) and was a journalist in Australia, England and the USA before becoming a professional astrologer. Stephanie is currently a consulting ...
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Brian Clark is one of the main tutors of a four-year program in applied astrology for Astro*Synthesis. He has been active in astrology since 1972, having served as National President for both The Fraternity ...
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The ArtistsThe Artists
Janet Bridgland is an artist/illustrator living in the Adelaide Hills with her family and other animals in a yellow cottage with blue shutters, set in a tangled garden inhabited by blue wrens, kookaburras ...
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Kay Steventon is a Australian-based artist and astrologer. After graduating in 1980 with a Diploma Fine Art, Kay gained the Federation of Australian Astrologers' Professional Astrologer Qualification ...
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The DesignerThe Techie
Maxine Chung is a freelance graphics designer and art director who lives and works between London and Barcelona. She has worked with the internet since its infancy, and has helped ...
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David Klugmann has worked in the Computer Industry for over twenty years now. These include projects for major Banks, the BBC, the Prudential, the Government and Lastminute.com ...
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