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Chiron reminds us that only through recognising and accepting our inner wounds can we find true healing. -- Lisa Tenzin-Dolma A healer is someone who seeks to be the light that she wishes she had in her darkest moments. -- Vironika Tugaleva
Many people are familiar with their own astrological sign because Sun Sign astrology is popular in today‘s culture. However, astrology is a complicated tradition and there is much more to the chart than just the sign where the Sun resides. The Earth’s Moon, for example, is a powerful factor to help a person gain greater understanding of a person’s nature, and so are the planets from Mercury out to Pluto. All of these bodies, working through zodiacal signs, residing in sections of the sky called Houses, and interacting with each other via angular relationships known as aspects, create a birth chart which astrologers can interpret.

In 1977 another body was added to the astrologer’s toolbox. Given the name Chiron (after the mythological Centaur) by its discoverer, this minor planet adds another dimension to a person’s chart. It reveals a person’s wounds, how to heal those that can be healed, and how to accept those that cannot. By exploring Chiron in a person’s chart, the path to healing and becoming psychologically well is highlighted. Doors to a larger perspective are revealed, and lessons are learned which enable you to teach others what you have discovered.

When exploring Chiron interpretations, please bear in mind that, inevitably, every chart will contain some apparent contradictory influences, but this is because human beings themselves can have conflicting thoughts, emotions, and desires active at the same time. Usually, an astrologer will synthesize these apparent contradictions in order to present a cohesive and meaningful interpretation of the dilemmas of the chart.

Please also be aware of the fact that each person may possess both positive and negative influences arising from Chiron in their chart, and therefore in their lives. The challenge is to accept and overcome the negative influences, so that you can successfully focus on manifesting the positive traits or qualities that are inherent within their own personal chart. This report outlines the cosmic influences to better enable a person to work towards achieving wholeness within one’s self. Advice given within this report is meant to encourage the individual to accept responsibility for his or her own actions during a lifetime. Ultimately, the decision rests with each individual.
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