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The Sun in Virgo

From 19 Sep 21 To 23 Sep 21 04:10

Time for logic and focus on details. Be discriminating but not critical.

The Sun in the 3rd House

From 19 Sep 21 To 15 Oct 21 17:38

Honest communications become important. Assert yourself. Listen and learn.

The Sun Trine The North Node

From 19 Sep 21 To 19 Sep 21 09:07

The Nodes are a sensitive point in an astrology chart and therefore transits are likely to indicate something significant when they occur. Sometimes the significance stands out and is obvious. At others it is more subtle and we have to look for the nuances. In this case the Sun and the North Node signify a positive new feature in your life, perhaps even a new chapter. Something or someone may enter your life right now enabling you to shine more brightly.

The Sun Square Jupiter

From 20 Sep 21 16:43 To 22 Sep 21 16:49

Exact 21 Sep 21 16:47

This can be a positive time as long as you keep your ego in check. You are confident and optimistic and rewards can come your way. You are keen to expand your horizons. The opportunity exists right now for you to make the most of this sunny period as long as you keep yourself in check. You can shine in your own right without putting others in your shadow.

The Sun Conjunction Pluto

From 23 Sep 21 03:10 To 25 Sep 21 03:12

Exact 24 Sep 21 03:12

Your biological urges are powerful right now. Enjoy the feelings, learn from them and trust that all is in order. On the other hand if you feel that something is not quite right then trust your instincts and put those things to right. This is an ideal time to overcome any bad habits and replace them with empowering and enlivening actvities.

The Sun in Libra

From 23 Sep 21 04:10

Time for diplomacy. Seek peace, harmony and beauty. Socialise with loved ones.

The Sun Sextile Neptune

From 24 Sep 21 17:35 To 26 Sep 21 17:34

Exact 25 Sep 21 17:35

Follow your intuition. Your imagination and creativity are limitless. Record your dreams and ideas. Immerse yourself in the sea.

The Sun Semisquare Mercury

From 27 Sep 21 03:28 To 29 Sep 21 03:24

Exact 28 Sep 21 03:26

Anxiety and worries can arise through crossed lines. Try not to force communications.

The Sun Sesquisquare The Moon

From 29 Sep 21 10:10 To 01 Oct 21 10:03

Exact 30 Sep 21 10:07

Some days are ideal for forging ahead with our personal goals and others are not. Today is not. You need to have patience today. Your energy levels may be low or the timing may simply be out. Perhaps you are feeling out of sorts and not quite sure why. Try to relax and avoid conflict. The tension will pass and the day will soon come when you are ready to tackle your goals. If you rest now then you have the energy when the time is right.

The Sun Conjunction Uranus

From 08 Oct 21 07:30 To 10 Oct 21 07:11

Exact 09 Oct 21 07:21

There are times in a year's cycle when you may feel like some of the spark has gone out of your life. Right now is not one of those times. In fact quite the opposite. Life has more than a little sparkle right now. You are keen to make changes and find inventive ways to implement new habits. Surprises abound. Good news may come your way.

The Sun Opposition Chiron

From 08 Oct 21 19:17 To 10 Oct 21 18:57

Exact 09 Oct 21 19:08

The Sun shines its light fully on any darkened areas of your life as the planets move through the heavens. This can result in some painful memories and/or events. The good news is that you now have the chance to clean out some deep recesses of the past and move forward with a clean slate. The areas that Sun highlights are viewed clearly and therefore can be tackled with honesty and integrity. You can strategise to achieve your personal goals with greater understanding. Forgive, let go and move forward with a lighter load.

The Sun Semisquare Neptune

From 09 Oct 21 16:25 To 11 Oct 21 16:04

Exact 10 Oct 21 16:15

Your energy levels may be a little low. Today is a good day to slow down if you can. Take some time to reflect and relax, especially if you feel tired, This a time for dreaming rather than decision making. If you push too hard you may deplete your physical resources and immune system. Record your dreams and inspirational ideas. You may not have clarity right now, but it will come later. Listen to music, watch an inspirational film or sit in the beach. These are the types of activities that refresh and uplift.

The Sun Trine Saturn

From 11 Oct 21 17:13 To 13 Oct 21 16:49

Exact 12 Oct 21 17:02

Steady accomplishment is the way to go right now. You have the ability to build a strong sense of self based on good principles and effort. Your sense of achievement in small and middling tasks is rewarding. You also have the ability to establish good relations with those in authority. Right now you can reap the rewards of past endeavours. Your experience stands you in good stead, so continue to work on building a good reputation. This is also a good time to fix, renovate or work in a building. A health check-up could also prove beneficial depending on other influences this week.

The Sun Sextile Mercury

From 12 Oct 21 01:54 To 14 Oct 21 01:29

Exact 13 Oct 21 01:42

Good news is coming your way. You may be delighted by other people's good fortune but it is more likely that you are creating your own luck right now. Ideas, plans and decisions flow. You are likely to be optimistic, perhaps even festive as you are buoyed by your own positive frame of mind. Your confidence is high and you make decisions accordingly. Younger people may help you with good advice.

The Sun Square Venus

From 13 Oct 21 10:17 To 15 Oct 21 09:50

Exact 14 Oct 21 10:04

Despite a little tension, this is an auspicious time for love and affection. Enjoy the company of your nearest and dearest but don't overindulge.

The Sun Semisquare The Sun

From 14 Oct 21 04:49 To 16 Oct 21 04:21

Exact 15 Oct 21 04:36

Stress and tension cause a few problems but hang on in there. Your equilibrium returns soon.

The Sun Quincunx The Moon

From 14 Oct 21 08:12 To 16 Oct 21 07:44

Exact 15 Oct 21 07:58

You are feeling out of sorts and not quite sure why. Try to relax and avoid conflict. The tension will pass.

The Sun in the 4th House

From 15 Oct 21 17:38

Time to focus on your home and family. Put your house in order. Make the necessary changes.

The Sun Semisquare Mars

From 16 Oct 21 20:06

Exact 17 Oct 21 19:50

This can be a combative time and if you are not cautious you could alienate the very people who can help you. A little diplomacy, although frustrating for you at the moment, can be very helpful. If you are feeling very frustrated by the need to involve other people in your equation, then you may benefit from a physical outlet. Sports, martial arts etc could be helpful.

The Sun Square The North Node

From 17 Oct 21 06:35

Exact 18 Oct 21 06:19

The Nodes are a sensitive point in an astrology chart and therefore transits are likely to indicate something significant when they occur. Sometimes the significance stands out and is obvious. At others it is more subtle and we have to look for the nuances. In this case the Sun and the North Node signify making changes that enable you to shine more brightly in your life. Destiny may give you a helping hand in the form of a person or a project. It is up to you to listen, learn and move forward.

Mercury in Libra

From 19 Sep 21

Diplomacy is required. Plan social events. Pursue artistic projects.

Mercury in the 3rd House

From 19 Sep 21

As the planet Mercury travels through the 3rd House of your Birth Chart your mind becomes busier. This is your time to excel in all forms of communication. Listen and learn.

Mercury Conjunction Uranus

From 19 Sep 21

Originality is the name of the day. Right now you need to think outside the square. An unexpected event or new may take you by surprise. Possibly even a relative may pay a surprise visit. Your powers of inventiveness are tested. This is an ideal time to experiment with new friends, activities, pastimes and projects. If you have been thinking of embracing new technology then now is the time. The more that you are set in your ways the more that you are likely to find this brief period upsetting. If you can see the opportunities that are available right now then you are likely to enjoy a new spark in life.

Mercury Opposition Chiron

From 19 Sep 21

Something or someone is likely to be upsetting your plans right now. This may be sparking memories of similar incidents in your younger days. Try not to react too strongly. You can only control your own reactions. Perhaps you can learn some valuable lessons from other people's mistakes rather than your own. Memories and dreams are strong right now and these can be a good guide for right action in your own life. If others are behaving poorly then it is time to forgive and forget. At the same time you are free to let go and get on with your own plans. Healing comes in many forms.

Mercury Semisquare Neptune

From 19 Sep 21

You are likely to have difficulty focusing on anything at the moment. You may be mentally confused, a bit out of sorts. Someone or something may have made a dent in your usual confident attitude to life. The best thing to do is to do nothing. Rest, relax and be kind to yourself. Listen to soothing music, take a walk by the lakeside, or meditate in a room of your own. Make sure that you surround yourself with uplifting people and pastimes.

Mercury Conjunction Pluto

From 13 Oct 21 16:39

Exact 11 Oct 21 05:15

This can a beneficial time for a focusing on a particular project or person, keeping your thoughts positive and comments insightful. Your mind is likely to be sharp and therefore decisions are more easily made. Your conversations are likely to be more penetrating than usual, either on a personal or business level. You can be very persuasive and your powers of concentration are deep. You may enjoy activities such as chess, sudoku, mahjong or bridge.

Mercury Sextile Neptune

From 12 Oct 21 22:51 To 15 Oct 21 20:51

Exact 14 Oct 21 14:35

Your imagination is luring you to dream, but practical matters hold less mental appeal. You are unlikely to be able to concentrate on practical tasks. However, this is the ideal time to write song lyrics, listen to music, escape to an art gallery or meditate. Anything that uplifts your spirits is likely to be beneficial during this brief transit. You are more sympathetic today and you are also more sensitive. This is a good time to listen, breathe and meditate rather than act. Take your time, think about your beliefs and communicate with compassion and love.

Mercury Semisquare Mercury

From 16 Oct 21 07:58 To 18 Oct 21 07:35

Exact 17 Oct 21 08:50

Plans can go awry during this brief period and this is very frustrating. It is possible that you are expending much energy on communications but that miscommunications remain prevalent. Your mind is likely to be active. You may even be worrying over a particular issue or decision. This is a time of hour by hour problem solving. You may be restless, eager to move forward, but try to focus on what you do best and take each moment as it presents itself. In some ways matters are out of your control. So attend to the things that you can manage and wait for clarity to emerge.

Mercury Sesquisquare The Moon

From 18 Oct 21 13:44

Right now it would be best if you stop to think before you speak. Otherwise misunderstandings are likely to occur. Count to ten and then express your feelings calmly. It is just a question of finding the right words. Compassion could be at the fore-front of your mind.

Venus in the 4th House

From 19 Sep 21 To 30 Sep 21 15:20

It is time to create a beautiful home. Redecorate. Socialise with family.

Venus Sextile Mars

From 19 Sep 21 To 20 Sep 21 05:31

Exact 19 Sep 21 08:41

The combination of these two planets is likely to arouse passion. Whether you are single or in a relationship you can enjoy the heightened senses. You may choose to direct your excess energy into an activity that arouses your passion. It does not have to be a person if it is romance that you are after then kick up your heels and enjoy the moment.

Venus Semisquare Jupiter

From 21 Sep 21 18:08 To 23 Sep 21 11:57

Exact 22 Sep 21 15:02

Your social calendar is likely to be full when these two planets combine. You may entertain guests or loved ones, or attend celebratory occasions. You need to make sure that you do not go overboard. It is ok to say "no" if you are feeling stretched. However, it is likely that you have the energy to enjoy yourself. You never know what positive outcomes will result from mixing and mingling with other people. Positive alliances can be formed and be very rewarding.

Venus Semisquare Pluto

From 23 Sep 21 20:59 To 25 Sep 21 14:57

Exact 24 Sep 21 17:57

Your interactions with others may be intense right now. Relationships and money issues could be a little tricky. You may feel misunderstood or perhaps even frustrated by a loved ones actions. You need to express yourself honestly and then step back and allow others to discover their truth. Meanwhile you are also free to seek alternative directions. You don't have to meet everything head on. Divert your path and see what happens.

Venus Quincunx Chiron

From 24 Sep 21 11:55 To 26 Sep 21 05:56

Exact 25 Sep 21 08:55

The time has come to make some adjustments in areas of your life connected with love, female companionship and money. Initially these changes may feel a little uncomfortable. Your lesson is to let go and trust that outcomes will pave the way for you to have more pleasure in your life. Healing modalities can be supportive right now. You could consider making an appointment with an alternative practitioner or perhaps simply with a beautician. Take good care of yourself.

Venus Quincunx Saturn

From 27 Sep 21 01:37 To 28 Sep 21 19:50

Exact 27 Sep 21 22:43

Partnerships, business or personal, can prove frustrating right now. You are seriously considering your options but having some difficulty getting your point across or taking action. Take your time.

Venus Square Mercury

From 27 Sep 21 09:18 To 29 Sep 21 03:32

Exact 28 Sep 21 06:24

Lively conversations may be sparked during this transit. It is an ideal time for working on an artistic project, or visiting an art gallery or attending the theatre. If you enjoy debate then this is a stimulating time. However, if you prefer a peaceful environment then you may be at odds with other people in general or more specifically your partner.

Venus Trine Venus

From 28 Sep 21 14:01 To 30 Sep 21 08:22

Exact 29 Sep 21 11:10

Bliss! You seem to delight in everything and everyone right now. This is the ideal time to treat yourself to some indulgent activities. A massage, beauty treatment, spending spree (within your budget of course) or short pleasure trip could all boost your enjoyment of life. You are likely to want company rather than alone time. Nevertheless this is a time to fall in love with something or someone. So take pleasure in the harmony while it lasts.

Venus Opposition The Moon

From 29 Sep 21 09:31 To 01 Oct 21 03:56

Exact 30 Sep 21 06:42

Your love life is a little unsettled. Try to relax and not obsess. Show restraint and reap the rewards.

Venus in the 5th House

From 30 Sep 21 15:20

Now you can enjoy the company of children, indulge in a little romance or be inspired by artistic pursuits.

Venus Sextile The North Node

From 02 Oct 21 00:23 To 03 Oct 21 19:03

Exact 02 Oct 21 21:42

The Nodes are a sensitive point in an astrology chart and therefore transits are likely to indicate something siginificant when they occur. In this case the North Node signifies a positive new feature in your life, perhaps even a new chapter. Money and relationships are highlighted. This week you may make changes that are destined to move you forward in a more positive direction when it comes to love and finances. A meeting with a woman may have a positive outcome.

Venus Sextile Pluto

From 07 Oct 21 03:24 To 08 Oct 21 22:37

Exact 08 Oct 21 00:59

Opportunities currently exist for more positive relationships that support and sustain you. If you stay tuned to your intuition then you may be delighted with the healing powers of love and compassion.

Venus Semisquare Uranus

From 07 Oct 21 08:07 To 09 Oct 21 03:21

Exact 08 Oct 21 05:42

Relationships are both exciting and frustrating at the moment. this is because either you or a loved one is not acting in the usual manner. This can be quite liberating but also can create tension as comfort zones are tested. An exciting creative person or project may also suddenly come to light creating excitement and a little tension. Your path is unpredictable at the moment and you are best advised to go with the flow rather than resist the current. At the same time you do not need to conform if you feel that your relationship needs are being thwarted. This is a time to gradually break free not remain hidden.

Venus Sesquisquare Chiron

From 07 Oct 21 18:47 To 09 Oct 21 14:04

Exact 08 Oct 21 16:24

All relationships have their tricky emotional moments, times when miscommunications occur or needs clash. The key is navigating these moments with patience, understanding and compassion. Do you have these traits? Right now you may be experiencing some difficulty in accessing your empathy for your loved ones as you face some of your own relationship needs. Now is the time to assess whether or not you are truly embracing your own needs and if not what to do about this situation. Communications need to be gentle and loving and resolution can then be found.

Venus Conjunction Neptune

From 08 Oct 21 13:56 To 10 Oct 21 09:20

Exact 09 Oct 21 11:36

On the whole today has the potential to be a positive and healing day. You may prefer to escape reality rather than face it. Remember that healing comes in many forms. Today the time is right to be kind and gentle to yourself and others. Do you feel the need to escape to a romantic island getaway? Right now you can listen to and act on your urge to dream, relax or escape even if it is limited to a luxurious bath or a trip to the local beach rather than a year's sabbatical to a tropical island. Romance is also in the air. You may be viewing your world through rose-coloured glasses so try not to make any big decisions or tackle any practical projects. As now is not the most practical time of your life you are better advised to relax, dream, plan and be creative. Perhaps you could treat yourself and/or your loved one to a romantic outing.

Venus Sesquisquare Venus

From 11 Oct 21 23:59 To 13 Oct 21 19:49

Exact 12 Oct 21 21:52

People - or a particular person you love - need your company and counsel. You may feel irritated by the interuptions but rewards are likely to flow if you are considerate and diplomatic.

Venus Square The Sun

From 12 Oct 21 17:03 To 14 Oct 21 12:59

Exact 13 Oct 21 14:59

Despite a little tension, this is an auspicious time for love and affection. Enjoy the company of your nearest and dearest but don't overindulge.

Venus Square Mars

From 15 Oct 21 03:36 To 16 Oct 21 23:54

Exact 16 Oct 21 01:43

The combination of these two planets is likely to arouse passion either your own or someone else's. Whether you are single or in a relationship you can enjoy the heightened senses but make sure that you do not overextend yourself. You may choose to direct your excess energy into an activity that arouses your passion. It does not have to be a person but if it is romance that you are after then kick up your heels and enjoy the moment. Just make sure that you don't force your own heightened awareness on to others, and also be as restrained as possible with your finances as your judgement is clouded by your desires during this period.

Mars in the 12th House

From 19 Sep 21

Feeling tired? Slow down. Rest. Relax. Use this time to reassess your goals.

Mars Semisquare Mercury

From 19 Sep 21 To 21 Sep 21 20:24

Exact 19 Sep 21 20:01

Physical and mental pastimes can be frustrating during this transit. You have some bright ideas but perhaps not the energy to carry them out. On the other hand you may have plenty of energy but your plans seem to go awry. Persistent effort should eventually pay dividends.

Mars Sextile The Sun

From 22 Sep 21 03:15 To 26 Sep 21 06:33

Exact 24 Sep 21 04:29

This is an ideal time for competition if you are in a combative field, or needing that extra boost of energy to get ahead, but do remember to enlist others' co-operation if you are working in a team. In other words use this transit to solve any problems but don't create them! right now you have the energy to move ahead with some of your objectives through co-operation. You can shine in pursuit of your goals. This is turn means that you can facilitate goals that are personally important. Sports may also be a positive outlet right now whether that involves watching or participating.

Mars Semisquare The Moon

From 22 Sep 21 10:12 To 26 Sep 21 13:43

Exact 24 Sep 21 11:33

Every now and then irritable feelings can surface. You may understand the reason for this irritation or you may simply be feeling out of sorts. It doesn't really matter. You need to simply note the feelings and let them go. Avoid overreacting and rash behaviour. You are not quite yourself, but may not realise it. Be patient and all is revealed. You may benefit from a brisk walk, a visit to the gym or a sporting event.

Mars Sextile Mars

From 27 Sep 21 16:12 To 02 Oct 21 00:26

Exact 29 Sep 21 19:48

It is survival of the fittest right now, whether on the sports field or in the workaday life. You can be very productive during this brief period. you may have an extra burst of energy or an epiphany about your future plans. Constructive plans and activities are the name of the day. You may also benefit from some physical exercise. Strategy is also likely to be beneficial rather meeting others head on. You are well able to motivate yourself and others through co-operative efforts.

Mars Square Uranus

From 12 Oct 21 07:59 To 17 Oct 21 12:13

Exact 14 Oct 21 20:54

The urge to be impulsive is strong. Resist if you can. With a steady rein you are able to breakthrough obstacles in innovative ways.

Mars Square Chiron

From 13 Oct 21 13:50

Exact 16 Oct 21 03:52

Some moments redefine the way that we feel about certain aspects of our lives. New insights may temporarily throw us off course prompting us to question our past but they can also give us a new direction. Recent occurrences may have upset your equilibrium, prompting a change of heart. Now you put your lessons into practice with compassion and clarity. Painful as it may be you are now faced with choices. Honesty is the best policy. If you have doubts then seek professional counsel. A male mentor may be of help to guide you through the labyrinth.

Mars Sesquisquare Neptune

From 15 Oct 21 20:43

Your energy and vitality may be somewhat low today. Perhaps you are feeling a little low or just wanting to escape. In some way you are being tested. This could mean physical or medical tests, or perhaps your usual drive and motivation is frustrated. It is the right time to be gentle on yourself and to have compassion for others. Don't push yourself or others. Rather take some quiet time, rest if you can. Dream a little and have faith that all will be well.

Jupiter in the 12th House

From 19 Sep 21

Jupiter is the planet known for generosity, expansiveness and joie de vivre. Ancient astrologers considered it to have a positive influence heralding abundance and expansiveness. Therefore you can expect these traits to influence the area of your Birth Chart currently under its influence. An angel is sitting on your shoulder as the positive planet Jupiter transits through your 12th House. In other words no matter what happens during this period you are likely to be looked after. Personally you are now on a quest to seek meaning in life from deep within yourself during this period. It is time to re-charge your batteries quietly behind the scenes rather than seek the limelight. Recognition will come later. Now is the time to reflect. You may feel an urge to be of service to humanity. For instance if you do not have paid employment then you may seek volunteer work. On the other hand you may seek more meaning in your daily work, your friendships and your associations with relative and loved ones.

Jupiter Square Uranus

From 25 Sep 21 06:18

Exact 04 Oct 21 23:09

During this transit you tend to feel irritable and frustrated as you want to break free of past restrictions. Rebellion can be a major problem, particularly if you feel that something or someone is standing in your way. The trouble is that you have your sights set unrealistically high and lack your normal powers of discrimination. Life takes on a reckless quality as you crave excitement. It would be better if you could make the most of new and exciting opportunities while showing some restraint and wisdom.

Jupiter Square Chiron

From 29 Sep 21 18:24

Exact 10 Oct 21 23:44

This is a time during which you are forced to face painful memories, which have haunted you in times gone by, and move into areas that are linked straight to your heart. One person, an important teacher or healer, may enter your life to help you grow in ways you never thought possible. It is also possible that you are forced to face your fears of inadequacy or past inhibitions in order to truly express your own teaching and healing talents. Either way the path may be painful, but the result will be wisdom gained through experience.

Jupiter Sesquisquare Neptune

From 09 Oct 21 11:48

During this period you are vulnerable to feelings of confusion and lack of direction. You seem to be treading water no matter how hard you try to put your plans into action. You may find yourself daydreaming of better times. Daydreaming is okay: this is not the best time for making life-changing decisions or entering into agreements which demand clear judgement. Later on, when the clouds have lifted, you will be grateful for the delays.

Saturn in the 7th House

From 19 Sep 21

"The planet Saturn rules all that is durable, long-lasting, hardened and able to be structured like lead or concrete; industries like building or agriculture and businesses that have long range goals, are traditional and well-established." So says renowned astrologer Brian Clark. Therefore Saturn is likely to force you to slow down and restructure any area that it influences in your Birth Chart. You are required to seriously assess the value of the life areas influenced by this serious planet. When Saturn moves into the 7th House of your Birth Chart your relationship with your partner demands attention. It is possible that your partner's life changes in ways that demand you bear greater responsibilities within the partnership. You may reassess your priorities in both business and personal partnerships. This could result in a greater commitment to your partner, or it could be that you decide to end a serious relationship or close a business contract. Marriages and divorces can both occur during this time. If you are not already in a serious relationship, then you may meet someone who has a significant influence on your life.

Uranus in the 12th House

From 19 Sep 21

Uranus is a planet that is full of surprises. It takes approximately 84 years to do a full circle around the Zodiac. This means that it moves slowly through each Zodiac Sign and its effects on your Birth Chart takes time to unfold. It is important to note that this erratic planet can affect your life in a variety of ways depending on how you cope with change. If you try to resist change then you may find this planet's effects somewhat of a challenge. If you welcome liberation then you are in for a joyride. The planet Uranus helps you break free from past chains and restrictions and form new and more joyful ways of interacting in your life. Your life may be disrupted but you are then free from thinking inside the box, and new horizons open up. The area of your Birth Chart influenced by this liberating force is likely to be awakened and stimulated. This is a profound period in your life, although at times you may feel the need to retreat. On the positive side you experience intuitive flashes, initiate or join an unusual institution and expand your philanthropic interests. It is also possible that you probe the human psyche in an unusual fashion.

Neptune in the 6th House

From 19 Sep 21

The planet Neptune takes approximately 164 years to circle the Zodiac. This slow-moving planet's transits unfold slowly. It is therefore more significant to look at any exact transits that are occurring in your Birth Chart. Nevertheless it can be helpful to try to understand the effect of Neptune as it enters into and transits through a House in your Birth Chart. Neptune is the planet that urges us to search for meaning in our lives, to look beyond the structures and focus on purpose. For instance are you pursuing a career because of ambition and material rewards or is it your true purpose and fully satisfying? Therefore it is not uncommon for the initial effects of Neptune to be confusion and disillusion, perhaps even a sense of loss. Gradually awareness emerges and you are able to see what is underlying the illusions and what you can gain by changing your course and embracing values that truly enhance your journey in life. Neptune helps you see the truth of any situation and therefore live your own truth. As Neptune travels through your 6th House you need to take care of your health, taking particular care with drugs of any description. The trouble is that your body is overly-sensitive during this time. You may even develop or discover allergies. You may also feel somewhat lethargic, overwhelmed by the demands of a busy life. A good balance of rest, exercise and a healthy diet goes a long way towards helping you cope with the stress of a busy schedule. You may also benefit from seeking advice from alternative healers, or perhaps even exploring options for working as a healer or in a spiritual field.

Neptune Square Pluto

From 19 Sep 21

You are being challenged to shift your focus of power from external sources such as money and position in society to a deep sense of personal and spiritual strength in the centre of your being. The trouble is that the road to the centre is fraught with upheaval as you are challenged to set aside your personal attachments and desires. You may feel vulnerable and anything but powerful during the process, but hang on because you will feel like a new person by the end. You may also like to consider some form of psychotherapy during this transit.

Pluto in the 4th House

From 19 Sep 21

Pluto is the slowest moving planet in the Solar System, taking approximately 248 years to complete a circle around the Zodiac. This slow-moving planet's transits are long-lasting and initially pack a punch if you are not living according to your true natures. The more you are your authentic self, the more that you can embrace the positive side of Pluto. The author of the website Caf Astrology puts it best when stating: "Pluto compels us to explore more deeply. Superficiality is not acceptable for Pluto. Pluto transits insist that we get in touch with our core purpose and our deep sense of power. New levels of intimacy, not only with others but also with ourselves, are discovered and uncovered." Currently you may feel that the foundations of your life - family and home - are changing and it is difficult to find a firm foothold. In effect the foundations of your life, which you believed to be sure, are cracking. This can be exciting if you enjoy the challenge of change, but most often it is a time which leaves you feeling vulnerable. The areas most affected by this transit are your home and family members. It is a time of intensity and upheaval on the homefront. Family members may leave home or come to stay disrupting the comfortable routine. It is also possible that you change homes during this transit. Whatever the circumstances you are being asked to delve into your personal life with a view to changing at a deep level. You will not feel like the same person by the end of this period.

Pluto Semisquare Pluto

From 19 Sep 21 To 05 Oct 21 06:16

During this period you are likely to experience difficulties adjusting to changes in your life. Try to have patience.

Pluto Quincunx Chiron

From 19 Sep 21

Exact 26 Sep 21 03:45

It's time to forgive and forget and move on with your life, no matter how painful this might seem. This could involve ending a relationship with a loved one, or leaving a situation which is no longer satisfying. In some circumstances this transit can involve the death of someone close. If this is the case it is important that you allow yourself to grieve your loss surrounding by supportive and loving friends.

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