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Horoscopes for April 2021

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By Stephanie Johnson

Renowned Astrologer & Director of Esoteric Technologies

Makers of the Solar Fire Suite of Astrology Software

See more about her at www.seeingwithstars.net

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Aries (March 21st - April 19th)

April is a healing month for the Rams of the Zodiac. The Sun, Venus and Chiron are aligned in your Zodiac Sign at the start of the month signalling some much-need "me" time. You need to undertake activities that are going to heal your body, mind and soul. Your ruling planet Mars is in Gemini and so you can take your pick, juggling a couple of healing modalities. Past medical procedures or emotional upsets can be put to one side as you indulge in activities that are pure self-indulgence. Afterall Aries Season is your season.

Taurus (April 20th - May 20th)

The start of April is the ideal time for a Taurus retreat. This could involve you booking into to a health spa or spiritual retreat, or it could be an escape to the countryside, or perhaps even just withdrawing and catching up on some couch time. The choice is yours, as long as you slow down and smell the roses. See any delays as opportunities to stop for a moment, a time for a slower pace and self-reflection. You can pick up the pace again when the Sun moves into your Zodiac Sign on April 20.

Gemini (May 21st - June 20th)

Planet Mars is in your Zodiac Sign indicating that you have reached a fork in the road. It's time to choose a path. It's likely that this path is pre-destined, so you need to take a moment and realign with your true purpose. If you don't know what really drives you from a deep level then perhaps it's time to seek some counsel? The idea is that you make a choice that feels right in all senses of the word. There is no right or wrong, simply the next step forward in your personal life journey.

Cancer (June 21st - July 22nd)

Professional goals and parenthood are highlighted this month. If you are an employee then you may receive a promotion, professional recognition or more responsibilities. If you are self-employed then it's time to put yourself in the spotlight. Your role as a parent, or perhaps your own parents, are also taking centre stage. Perhaps you have more duties in these roles. Either way, April is about your ability to step out of your comfort zone and into the spotlight. It is time to enjoy being the leading actor in your own life.

Leo (July 23rd - August 22nd)

April sees you start up, or re-start, an exciting adventure. This could be anything from joining a religious group, booking seats for your favourite arts event, or throwing yourself into a sports activity. The idea is that find an outlet to escape from everyday life. You require inspiration. You may also be a shining light for those around you. Your natural Leo enthusiasm is likely to uplift others as you partake in activities that bring you joy. The trick is to avoid anyone who rains on your parade. Your nearest and dearest may need you, but you also need to be supported.

Virgo (August 23rd - September 22nd)

The way in which you invest your time and money is highlighted this month. Joint resources are subject to change. This includes bank accounts, superannuation and pension funds, and financial matters shared with a partner. The trick is to remain flexible, open to suggestions, but also to seek professional advice if need be. You may also find that minor investments such as courses, tickets and shared accommodation are under scrutiny. Once again, you need to be willing to negotiate rather than confront in order to move forward in a positive manner. A simple change of dates may be the key.

Libra (September 23rd - October 22nd)

Your nearest and dearest are the focus in April. It's time to date, mate and relate. If you are single then it's time to query your status. Are you happy? If so, then plan some play dates with friends. If not, then perhaps ask your friends to set you up with one of their single friends. If you are in a committed relationship then focus on your loved one. Fun outings, comfy couch time and enjoyable home duties can all be bonding. When single or hitched, you may enjoy reading up on some relationship tips and tricks.

Scorpio (October 23rd - November 21st)

Your lifestyle is under the microscope. This includes the time that you get up in the morning, the route that you take to work, the food that you eat, the exercise that you do or don't do. These things are ready to change for the better, but you have to quieten your mind and ask yourself the question: "What is good for my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health?" And then take action. Small steps this month result in big gains. Self-help expert Caroline Myss says: "The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind".

Sagittarius (November 22nd - December 21st)

Creative connections are the theme for April. It's time to reach out and express your views, actively listen and generally get your message across in a positive manner. This could be through travelling, teaching, studying, acting, designing, writing or some such artistic project. This is not about logic, or ambition, but creativity. You may also like to surround yourself with children. Their playful attitude reflects your own state of mind this month. At the very least, get yourself a journal and start jotting down or drawing your thoughts and ideas. Let yourself be messy and play like a child.

Capricorn (December 22nd - January 19th)

Your private life is the focus during April. So, your attention turns to your home and family. Home maintenance, redecorations, renovations and perhaps even a house move are in the pipeline. Your family ties are also highlighted. Perhaps one or more family members need you right now. Alternatively, you may have more time to spend with loved ones. The idea is to make sure that your foundations are firm, and that you and your nearest and dearest are actively supporting each other. You may also enjoy indulging in some family history, or organising family photo albums.

Aquarius (January 20th - February 18th)

Friendships are an important part of life, particularly for the active Aquarius. This month sees you assess the status of your closest friends, the impact of acquaintances and work associates, and the value of any groups to which you belong. It's time to assess your needs, and express your views. Group politics may abound. Do you want to be part of this? Or are you ready to move on? You may decide to join a new neighbourhood group in order to create more local links. It's important that you have positive and supportive friends to ensure good mental health.

Pisces (February 19th - March 20th)

Sensitive Pisces need to ensure, at all times, that good self-esteem is being supported in all areas of life. This is particularly true in April. It's time to reassess close associates, activities, lifestyle issues and anything else that you rely on to boost your self-worth. You may also like to review your personal finances. Is your income supporting your lifestyle, or are you constantly worried about your income flow? If the latter, then you need to make changes to your budget or, if possible, to your income, or perhaps even to your attitude. Reassess your values and see if that helps.
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