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Horoscopes for January 2016

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By Stephanie Johnson

Renowned Astrologer & Director of Esoteric Technologies

Makers of the Solar Fire Suite of Astrology Software

See more about her at www.seeingwithstars.net

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Aries (March 21st - April 19th)

The New Year is a fresh start for Aries as you set new goals in connection with your life direction and investments. The tone is set for you at the start of the year with other people acting as catalysts during 2016. This is particularly true when the planet Jupiter sails into your opposing Zodiac Sign Libra in September. Jupiter is considered to be the planet of luck. Therefore you can establish a positive rapport with others. You are a natural born leader and this is your year to make the most of your abilities to compromise and collaborate. Ram-like behaviour is unlikely to be helpful. The start of 2016 is also the ideal time to set a new daily health regime. Aries are renowned for impatience. The same energy that gives you a dynamic personality also burns brightly as fiery impatience. The start of the year is your chance to set realistic goals and calm some of your excess edginess. Use your irritation as a signal that you are pushing yourself or someone else too hard. One of the best methods for you to reduce stress is to burn off excess energy and frustration by being active in sport and physical competition. However taking a few minutes each day to sit quietly and reflect can also be helpful during January.

Taurus (April 20th - May 20th)

While others are making their New Year resolutions you are continuing on with your usual practical application to ensuring that your investments are sound. Changes are afoot but you are ever mindful of the right timing. At least you should be. If you try to charge in like a Bull then you are likely to suffer the consequences. 2016 sees you make steady changes in the area of finances and relationships. You are looking for more fun. In fact you need to play more to lift your spirits. January is your time to set goals, dream a little and see the big picture rather than sweating the details. You can experiment a little with different pleasurable pursuits. As the year unfolds then you are more likely to settle in and make choices. This can apply to one or more areas of your life. You may consider a change of work or even alter your career path. Children may feature more prominently during 2016. Youngsters can inspire you to indulge the playful side of your own personality. You are a responsible and reliable individual. This does not change. However 2016 see you reap some rewards from investments made in the past.

Gemini (May 21st - June 20th)

January is the ideal month for you to share good times with your family and at home. Your New Year resolutions are likely to be connected to your private life, how best to expend your energy when you are away from your responsibilities. Your home may also need a facelift. If so then make your plans during January and perhaps go ahead when the lucky planet Jupiter moves into your fellow Air Sign Libra in September. Either way you are likely to enjoy the start of the year close to home, immersing yourself in projects and activities connected with family. It is also possible that a celebratory event is announced at the start of 2016. You are also likely to take some time out during January to assess your financial investments. You may even seek advice on how you manage your investments and joint assets. You weigh up the pros and cons of certain ventures before making up your mind. Geminis often opt for instant gratification as opposed to long-term satisfaction. You need to remind yourself during January that there is no rush. You can assess matters now and perhaps make the changes in September.

Cancer (June 21st - July 22nd)

The start of a new calendar year is an excellent time for Cancerians to create a vision board or treasure map for the year ahead. Your mind is sharp and you are able to visualise what you want. Creating your own treasure map or vision board is creative outlet as well as a positive way for you to focus your intentions on exactly what you’re looking for in life. You can find directions on the internet. Others are likely to notice your efforts in January. The theme is also partnership. Marriages, business agreements and contracts are likely to influence you during January and set the tone for the year. You can make plans of your own but others are likely to upset these plans in some way. Therefore the trick is to avoid conflict and make plans with your partner, if you have one. Co-operation is your key to success. Your ability to communicate is also paramount to achieving your goals.

Leo (July 23rd - August 22nd)

You start the year with a busy month during which daily chores are challenging. As much as you would like a change of scenery now is the time to get out your diary and make plans. You are juggling social and work commitments as is often the case with the popular and fun-loving Leo. A lifestyle change may be beneficial if you need a physical overhaul. It is time to reduce any stress factors in your life. Start the year as you mean to go on. If you are in sunny climes then try to bask in as many rays as you can. If you are in a cold climate then perhaps boost your intake of Vitamin D. You could also limit your intake of spicy foods, minimise alcohol consumption, and avoid too many late nights. This will enable you to stay healthy and make the most of your creative gifts. It will also set the tone for the year.

Virgo (August 23rd - September 22nd)

2016 starts as a very good year for the Virgos of the Zodiac. Your health and happiness is influenced by fortunate planetary alignments. In particular the lucky planet Jupiter has sailed into your Zodiac Sign heralding good fortune in love and money. You can prosper and make the most of these positive times by birthing something new and creative. Providence is shining on you. Your fortunes may change at the beginning of September as Jupiter moves into the next Sign. A Solar Eclipse in your Zodiac Sign on September 1 also portends a time of coming down to earth. So the trick is to make the most of the opportunities that come your way during the first 8 months and then consolidate.

Libra (September 23rd - October 22nd)

Home and family are in for a bit of a shake-up at the start of the year but you have plenty of energy to cope with the changes. You have a serious decision to make in January and again you have the ability to handle matters at hand. The best way forward is to have a purge of any clutter or unused possessions in your household. You could have a big clean up and then introduce some lovely new décor that express your authentic self. Even if everything is already very clean, tidy and organise you could introduce some new colours or re-arrange the furniture. Your private life needs a shake-up at the start of 2016 and this sets the scene for a new positive year, particularly when the lucky planet Jupiter moves into your Zodiac Sign in September. A lunar eclipse in March is a personal turning point, when realisations are made and you move forward.

Scorpio (October 23rd - November 21st)

It is time to assert yourself and speak your truth. Realisations come slowly at first as you see all sides of the story but then you are crystal clear on what decisions need to be made and what you need to voice. The start of the year is about learning, listening and illuminating. January is the ideal time for Scorpios to set some goals and make inroads towards achieving them. You may find that groups, clubs, associates and friends are supportive. If you want to join a new group or club then January is the ideal month to do so. Meanwhile you may become a voice for others, enjoy a short journey or start a new learning curve. This is your time to network and make connections.

Sagittarius (November 22nd - December 21st)

Enthusiastic Archers you can pull your bow back and aim for the heights this month. Professional goals and personal finances are highlighted and you are also in a position to reap serious rewards from past efforts. Your target is to be purposeful and seek meaning. However meanwhile you are also likely to be reassessing your personal income, your earning power in general and making some serious decisions regarding your finances. You are better able to stick to a budget in January but you also have to decide on whether or not you want to make changes in the way that you earn and spend money. You could have a windfall in January, however; you also need to be wary of getting yourself into debt. Slowly and steady wins the race rather than rash behaviour.

Capricorn (December 22nd - January 19th)

January is a powerful month for the Capricorns of the Zodiac. You are able to express your truth assertively and forge ahead with personal goals. You can also enjoy connections with other cultures, spiritual pursuits, travel documentaries or a voyage to a foreign land. Capricorns are often categorised as domestic goats or mountain goats. Even if you usually associate yourself with the domestic side of Capricorn this month, and year, sees you moving out of your comfort zone and enjoying some adventures. You may enjoy getting your energy moving with some challenging sporting activities. On the other hand you may invest your energy in a new business or study course. This is your time to venture forth into new territories.

Aquarius (January 20th - February 18th)

World events are likely to be on your mind as the new calendar year starts. As a result you may be more reflective than usual, or you may take some much-needed rest and recreation. You may need to hibernate in order to recharge your energy levels. A few personal events may also have you reflecting more than usual on your best way forward during 2016. You may enjoy escaping for a holiday somewhere quiet away from other people, or going on a spiritual or health retreat during January. This helps recharge your energy for the rest of 2016. A lunar eclipse in your Zodiac Sign in August also provides an opportunity for some self-reflection.

Pisces (February 19th - March 20th)

Your friends and loved ones are the focus of the New Year. You can relax and reap the rewards of any positive connections that you have made in recent times while walking away from any negative influences. You may also make some new positive contacts. If you are single then you may meet someone in the New Year. If you are already in a committed relationship then you are likely to enjoy some positive experiences. This is your time to enjoy the company of supportive and loving people. A Solar eclipse in your Zodiac Sign in March is an ideal time to say good-bye to any negative influences.
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