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Horoscopes for January 2012

By Stephanie Johnson

Renowned Astrologer & Director of Esoteric Technologies

Makers of the Solar Fire Suite of Astrology Software

See more about her at www.seeingwithstars.net

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Aries (March 21st - April 19th)

The year 2012 starts as it means to go on – with a few surprises. If you are heading in the right direction then obstacles will miraculously disappear and the path will clear making way for new and exciting ventures. If you are on the wrong track then events will also trigger a change of direction, one that may not be entirely comfortable. 2012 is not about comfort. It is about adventure. Many Aries personalities thrive on adventure. If you are one of these then you are likely to enjoy the new vistas. There is little point setting New Year’s resolutions as you are unlikely to keep them, unless your resolutions are to embrace change and chase freedom. Nevertheless January is the ideal month to take a moment to visualise the new aspects that you would like to attract into your life. Creative visualisation, treasure-mapping, and other such New Age activities could be worthwhile. It is time for you to think outside the square, throw off old habits and develop some new healthy ones.

Taurus (April 20th - May 20th)

Your world is expanding. The good news is that your wealth, health and love life are all under the positive rays of the lucky planet Jupiter for the first half of 2012. You can enjoy reaping the rewards of your consistent hard work. The more that you have toiled the more likely you are to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Your investments pay off, whether these have been investing money, time or love – or all of the above. You are ready to relax and enjoy, and others are appreciative and supportive. You may discover that a particular person (Sagittarian in nature) or event (adventure-like) sparks a new venture. This is your opportunity to go with the flow rather than adhere to security. As long as you move forward in a sensible and practical manner you should reap the benefits. The important thing is that you are moving forward, and not stubbornly refusing to budge. The first half of 2012 presents you with opportunities that may not come around again for a long time. In January you would do well to ponder for a moment and then wisely move towards all that is positive and uplifting, even if this means discarding the comfortable. One cautionary tale for Taureans this year is to make sure that your propensity for indulging in the finer things in life does not expand beyond your control. If you discover that your waistline or budget has blown out, then this is a signal that you are on the wrong track and need to reassess. It is time to discard things that have outlived their Taurean value and move towards new abundance. By mid 2012 the opportunities will diminish and you will be in a position to re-assess your options.

Gemini (May 21st - June 20th)

As the Biblical saying goes there is “a time to plant and a time to pluck up what is planted;” (Ecclesiastes 3:2). The first half of 2012 is your time to plant so that you can reap in the second half. One of the benefits of astrology is in giving clear information about timing. While an accurate astrology chart is the most informative method of gaining this information, some tips can be gained through popular Sun Sign columns. Hence Geminis can benefit from knowing that the first half of 2012 is a good time to consider carefully how you invest your time and energy. If you are usually easily distracted then spend a little time at the start of the calendar year to set your priorities. Make a list of the most important values, tasks and projects that you would like to encompass during 2012. Then list the ways in which you are easily distracted. Make up your mind to focus on the first list and use the second list as a reminder of how you could be sabotaging your own success. To use another quote from the Western world’s Bible: “break up your fallow ground, and sow not among thorns. “ (Jeremiah 4:3) As your birthday approaches you will start to reap the rewards of your efforts. By midyear, if you have successfully focussed on your own agenda, then you are likely to have many new options.

Cancer (June 21st - July 22nd)

The beginning of 2012 heralds changes for the home-loving Cancerians. Can you travel in your bedroom slippers? Well you may be about to find out. It is not that you seek adventure but rather that your loved ones do. A current partner, or a new one, is challenging you. This person may be Capricornian in nature, or it may be someone who you greatly respect or has a position of authority in your life. Plenty of consultation is required, however; you also need to be aware that this is serious business. Although you are not likely to sit comfortably with being challenged, you should not treat issues that arise this year lightly. For instance there is a time to ignore a child’s tantrums and there is a time to look beyond the behaviour to the underlying cause. As 2012 unfolds you need to break free from past constraints and enjoy a renewed sense of purpose. However, as usual, you need to do this while balancing everyone else’s needs. Don’t forget to include your own, or you may find a rare rebellious streak rushing to the surface.

Leo (July 23rd - August 22nd)

The pattern for 2012 is set early in the year for Leos. So take a little time out in January to decide what you would like to incorporate into your daily life. While you are at it you may like to revise your budget. You have a strong drive for material wealth, or for improving your finances. The astrological signposts indicate that 2012 is correct time to address money matters. You may also crave a brief respite in a foreign country. Therefore, if money and time allow, a journey to a foreign land may help you recharge the batteries during 2012. It is also a good time to look at your daily habits. Are you overworking? If so you need to incorporate some healthier habits – dietary, exercise, relaxation and perhaps less hours? You may also like to work on a creative project associated with your profession, or nudge your career into a more creative direction. If you have always wanted to publish your own work then this may be the year. Ultimately 2012 can see you improve your status through enjoyable work, a change of habits and injecting some romance into your love life.

Virgo (August 23rd - September 22nd)

Virgos are such sceptical people that you really don’t like the idea of being put in the same category as approximately 1/12th of the population and then being told how life may pan out over the next day, week, month or year. You are correct in that Sun Signs are only a very small slice of the cosmic story. Nevertheless some general signals can be helpful. This year is one that sees the birth of something new in your life. You have heard of the Biblical Pharaoh’s dream of seven good cows and seven lean ugly cows? In the Bible story Joseph interprets this as seven good years, and seven lean years. Well you are about to undergo the transition from seven lean years into seven good ones. First though you need to transform some areas of your life, to pave the way for a more childlike and creative approach to life. You may experience the birth of a child, a project or a romance. This is likely to be life-changing. Therefore you need to choose carefully before proceeding. If, for instance, you are about to enter into a new romance, then you could ask yourself if this person is truly worthy? If the answer is “yes” then go ahead. If you hesitate, or answer “no” then walk away and make room for a different experience. You do not want to repeat patterns from the past. This is your opportunity to break free of old, destructive habits. You may discover memories surfacing, which you want to write about in an artistic forum, or in a private journal.

Libra (September 23rd - October 22nd)

Librans like peace and harmony. Ironically many of you Librans can create havoc when you feel that your world is out of balance. If you are extraverted in nature then others feel the brunt of your efforts to recreate your perfect world. If you are introverted then you are likely retreat into your own obsessive thoughts. Your challenge in 2012 is to create supportive structures in your own life. This could mean literally changing your home, or it could mean forming new and lasting friendships, relationships and work habits. With the serious planet Saturn in your Zodiac Sign until later in 2012 it is time for you to live in a world where limits and boundaries are respected by everyone; where your resources are utilized intelligently; and with people who are capable of shared responsibility. This could mean making some serious decisions about where you live and with whom. Your decisions may also have consequences for your family and marital status. The good news is that you are building a firm foundation for the future. Changes that occur in 2012 may or may not upset your equilibrium but you ultimately find peace in the only place that it truly exists – within yourself.

Scorpio (October 23rd - November 21st)

2012 is a two-part affair for the Scorpios of the Zodiac. The first half of the year is quite different to the latter. You have a little time in January to reorganise your house, visit neighbours and take short journeys. After this you are likely to be busy as a result of communications with other people – work projects, applications for jobs, catching up on tax returns, paperwork or learning a new language. Whatever you have set your mind to is likely to have snowballed and is demanding attention. After a recent period of being unsettled in your chosen profession you are likely to experience some changes. This could mean that you change direction completely, or it could simply mean that you exchange one job for another. If you work in a business, or freelancing, then work will start to come your way. In the first part of 2012 you need to make sure that the foundation stones of your life are in place, as the planet Saturn will challenge the structures in your life later this year. Relationships, marriage or business, are likely to prove beneficial in the first half of the year. In other words it will not be what you know, but who you know who will help you gain a foothold into any new venture. Once you get to the middle of 2012 you are likely to either voluntarily, or otherwise, choose to slow down and consolidate. Your decisions, assets, ventures and relationships are all likely to come under the microscope as you reassess what is of value and what is not. Thus begins the process of casting out the old before you embrace the new.

Sagittarius (November 22nd - December 21st)

Some years are for forging ahead and some are for stocktaking. 2012 is one of taking stock for the Archers of the Zodiac. You have been forging ahead in your inimitable style for the past year or so. You have had many arrows in your quiver. Most of them have been fired, some landing on target and others flying off at a tangent. Nevertheless you have forged ahead, burning the candle at ends, creating wonderful experiences for yourself and others and generally inspiring all around you. Now you need to slow down, take a moment and consolidate. This is particularly true when it comes to your personal finances, and your health. This may be a stop-start kind of process for a few months, but by the middle of the year you will have found the right balance and will be ready to spread your wings again. Children, your own or other people’s, can be a source of inspiration for you right now. Remind yourself of a young child’s ability to expend large amounts of energy playing and living life to the full. When they finally stop – they stop! They know that they need to rebuild their energy reserves for more play. It is only a matter of time before new adventures can be had. So find a bed, hammock, couch or chair and rest and reflect on your true worth.

Capricorn (December 22nd - January 19th)

Gradually you are making sense of the changes that have occurred in your life in recent times, or of the changes that you know must occur in the near future. 2012 will see you experience more profound realisations, perhaps even some unexpected news. Sensible and pragmatic Goats have likely been making adjustments to financial, business and investment matters. Therefore you are likely to reap the benefits during 2012 in the form of a worry-free flow of money. Whereas others may struggle you are in a position to enjoy your personal income, and perhaps may feel a rare moment of generosity, gifting something to a person or organisation. If not then you may spend money on activities involving fashion, the arts or love. While speculation is not part of your usual modus operandi 2012 may see you expanding your resources in a way that is safe but also enjoyable. 2012 continues the recent trend of transforming your life, and slowly wisdom and understanding help you understand the law of cause and effect, as well as many other mundane and spiritual laws.

Aquarius (January 20th - February 18th)

You may have been feeling like you have been living in a surreal, slow motion kind of world in recent times. This is because the major planet Neptune has been in your sign. This can bring moments of great profundity, but it can also herald confusion and despondency. As Aquarians you have been challenged, in various ways, to change your view of reality. Recognising subtlety can be challenging in the concrete, material world in which we live. Hopefully you have had some opportunities to explore more of the feminine arts – such as theatre, dance, art, sculpture, charity, spirituality, angelic realms, or alternative methods of healing. As 2012 progresses you are likely to gain clarity into why certain people have left or entered your life, and why certain events have occurred. You will begin to understand the subtle messages, or the underlying reasons. You may even become thankful for some of the lessons that you have learnt. As you feel the cloud of uncertainty lift from your shoulders, you will discover a renewed sense of joy in the simple things in life. You will start to integrate your understanding of the physical world, with the metaphysical. In other words many areas of your life will gain meaning. You may have previously experienced ambition and achievement. This year you gradually gain meaning and purpose.

Pisces (February 19th - March 20th)

Life on Planet Earth is changing. Scientists argue various reasons for global warming. Humanitarians try to help the weak and the starving. World disasters are beamed around the globe in a matter of minutes. Social media is taking over as the newest form of interaction. In the midst of this chaos Pisceans around the globe are wondering why others are only just now really facing these truths, and agreeing with the need for a different perspective. As the planet Neptune moves into your Zodiac Sign early this year your sensitivity and clairvoyance is heightened. You are aware both in your personal life, and on a global level, for the need to utilise resources differently and for people to connect in a different way. Social media forms may become a bigger part of your life as you seek to get your message across, or you may spurn these entirely so that you can live a simpler lifestyle. It is time to think outside of the square when it comes to your income earning capacity. You need to either come up with ways to earn more money, or a lifestyle that more truly reflects your values. Either way 2012 is your year to tune into your intuition, to express truths that you have known for a long time and to be a reminder to yourself and others of the true values of community and humanity.
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