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Horoscopes for August 2012

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By Stephanie Johnson

Renowned Astrologer & Director of Esoteric Technologies

Makers of the Solar Fire Suite of Astrology Software

See more about her at www.seeingwithstars.net

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Aries (March 21st - April 19th)

It is time to let your creative juices flow. If you have been thinking of starting something new and fun-filled then this is the month to act. Creativity means different things to different people. For some tending to accounts and bookwork is joyful. For others it is writing, performing, dancing or any of the arts. Yet others still love nothing more than to spend quiet and special moments with their spouse or children. The question is – what fills you with joy? Allow the thoughts to enter your mind and then note the instant reaction in your body – peace and joy or tension. If tension then perhaps this is a “should” rather than a “want”? If nothing else take some time out this month to settle down and read a good book, or watch an inspirational dvd.

Taurus (April 20th - May 20th)

This is your month to focus on the foundations of your life. If you have decided, after contemplation last month, what you truly value then this month flows easily. You are lucky in love and money, but this will involve an outlay before it starts to flow back in. You may split your time or money between two homes, or perhaps you will have a young visitor. You may even decide to makes changes in your home, or move away. The start of the month is more about planning and laying the foundations. Once the planet Mercury goes direct on August 8 then you can really see the benefits of new ideas. Of course Taureans love their security. With all of the activity in Gemini security may not be the flavour of the month, but you can be assured that if you have an open mind and sensible approach then the new ideas and changes will provide a sense of security. This is an opportunity to venture out of your comfort zone and enjoy the new vistas and adventures that present themselves. You can have adventures in your bedroom slippers.

Gemini (May 21st - June 20th)

You are lucky in love and money this month. So much planetary activity is happening in all of the areas that you thoroughly enjoy – communication, stimulation, travelling (short distance), writing, reading, talking etc. You are in your element. Ancient astrologers consider the planets Jupiter and Venus to have a wonderfully beneficial effect wherever they shine their rays. They are currently in your Zodiac Sign! The start of the month sees your planetary ruler, Mercury, going backwards indicating that initially you need to plot and plan, do your paperwork or finish some kind of assignment. However once this Messenger God turns direct on August 8 you will be flying into new arenas, enjoying the smorgasbord that life has to offer. Make the most of your opportunities, stay focused and prioritise and all will be very exciting indeed.

Cancer (June 21st - July 22nd)

The start of the month is very similar to July. However, on August 7 and 8 planetary changes indicate that you can now start to move forward particularly when it comes to your love life. If you are married then you can spend some very special time with your loved one. If he or she has important issues to discuss then listen carefully, but do not fret. Together you can address any changes instigated by your partner. If you are single then you may meet someone who can change the course of your life. Therefore you need to ensure that you are ready to attract only the most positive of people. There is a saying – “Would you like to be married to you?” This is your month to ensure that the focus is not just on your partner, but also on the type of person you are within a partnership. If you have been a bit of a doormat then the time has come to find some strength. If you have been withdrawn and sulky then find the strength to speak your truth. You know your own story and how to move forward. Generally speaking it is time to find that small quiet voice within and radiate love for yourself and your loved ones.

Leo (July 23rd - August 22nd)

Fire signs are generally thought to be enthusiastic, passionate and optimistic. This is all true. However, there are two ways of expressing these traits – introverted and extraverted. Some Fire signs are loud, outgoing and bubbly. Others are quieter but nevertheless radiate a charisma that gently glows. As a Leo, whether a soft or loud one, this is your month to glow! The Sun and Mercury are both in your Zodiac Sign urging you to express your ideas, explore your favourite activities and speak up in your chosen field of interest or work. You also have a lot of activity in your social sector. Therefore you are likely to enjoy a full and busy social calendar, outings with friends and exploring new pastimes. The planets are aligned very positively for you this month as long as you pay heed to the effect of your words on other people, and to any niggling health problems.

Virgo (August 23rd - September 22nd)

Sometimes we have to take a step back before we can see the big picture and move forward. As a Virgo you are an excellent worker, the ideal person for detailed work or anything that requires close analysis. However, seeing the big picture can be a challenge (depending on other aspects of your birth chart). The start of this month is a challenge for most Virgos. The fact that your ruling planet is Retrograde, and other planetary placements are astrologically afflicted, indicates a tiresome start to the month. The best that you can do is patiently work towards your goals, inch by inch, knowing that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Around August 8 your load starts to lighten and your life to brighten. If you are waiting for news then it will likely come after this time. If you are waiting for recognition of a job well done then it is more likely to come later in the month than earlier. Luckily you are patient and frugal person, accustomed to humility and perseverance.

Libra (September 23rd - October 22nd)

Life is not always straightforward and the planets reflect this. Your life is full of contradictions this month. On the one hand you have two very challenging planets in your Zodiac Sign – Saturn and Mars. This means that you are likely tired, working hard and wondering why? If you have a clear purpose then this will certainly lift your spirits. In fact you have other positive influences that state that this is the very key to your success. If you can stay focussed on the bigger picture then you will find satisfaction in paying off old debts, hard work to complete a project or other such responsibilities. Religion, spiritual pursuits, cultural activities, and overseas connections may also provide inspiration.

Scorpio (October 23rd - November 21st)

Last month you likely ventured into new territories, either travelling overseas or taking on an inspirational project. This month you are likely to come down to earth and experience a few teething problems. August is a day by day affair. If you can break down your tasks and challenges into a daily task list and focus on the here and now then you are less likely to feel overwhelmed by the frustrations and setbacks that may occur. You also benefit from taking some structured alone time. Most Scorpios enjoy some much-needed isolation to recharge the batteries. You are going to have to plan this time during August. On a more positive note you are likely to reap the rewards, either monetary or emotionally, of part investments. Your reputation and career benefit from seeds sown in the past. By August 24 events turnaround as the planet Mars enters your Zodiac Sign. Then you will start to see some positive action.

Sagittarius (November 22nd - December 21st)

The start of August still speaks of caution before making any major commitments or decisions. However, after August 8 you are likely to see a flurry of changes. You may take off for foreign shores, or have visitors from other countries. This can be an inspirational month for the ever-enthusiastic Archer. Destiny plays its hand this month. Your partner may also have a strong and beneficial influence. If you are in a committed relationship then your partner is likely to support you with a welcome change of heart. If you are single then someone exciting may enter your realm. You need to be a little careful when it comes to your personal finances. Large sums of money may be demanded for unexpected reasons. On the other hand you may also receive a surprise windfall.

Capricorn (December 22nd - January 19th)

The time has come to reassess where and how you invest your time and money. This may be as simple as reshuffling your diary and prioritising daily tasks. On the other hand it could be a good month to reassess major financial investments, work projects and other commitments. The first week of August portends a time of reassessment and investigation. Decisions can be made, if necessary, after August 8. You may benefit from the advice of authority figures, anyone who has earned your respect in your chosen profession. Your responsibilities may seem onerous at times this month but you can be assured that if you can incorporate some pleasurable activities into your diary then the long-term rewards will be considerable.

Aquarius (January 20th - February 18th)

The focus this month is well and truly on having fun times with your partner. If you are married or in a committed relationship then your partner is likely to initiate some fun-filled moments. You need to go with the flow and enjoy the romance. You may even instigate some fun and romance yourself. If you are single then it is a good time to go out and socialise and see what type of romance you can attract. You may meet someone special. If not you will have a lot of fun. This is not a month in which to take yourself seriously. Usually it is advisable to express your emotions and speak your truth but for you, August is indicating contemplation, holding your tongue and simply having some pleasure.

Pisces (February 19th - March 20th)

August is a month in which Pisceans need to take pleasure from the simple things in life – a job well done, an appliance fixed, the warmth and companionship of a pet, the ups and downs of a co-workers life. Finances are likely to be unreliable and it would probably be wise to wait before making any major investments or decisions around money. Preferably take each day as it comes and enjoy the moment. August is also an ideal month to reassess your daily habits, ensuring that you eat well and exercise. Sugar can be a temptation for the sweet Pisceans. So take this time to observe your own habits and gradually implement enjoyable and healthy alternatives.
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