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The Sun in Sagittarius

From 14 Dec 17 To 20 Dec 17 21:46

Seek adventure. Broaden your horizons. Reach for the stars.

The Sun Square Jupiter

From 14 Dec 17 To 15 Dec 17 20:39

Exact 14 Dec 17 21:06

This can be a positive time as long as you keep your ego in check. You are confident and optimistic and rewards can come your way. You are keen to expand your horizons. The opportunity exists right now for you to make the most of this sunny period as long as you keep yourself in check. You can shine in your own right without putting others in your shadow.

The Sun Sesquisquare Pluto

From 14 Dec 17 19:35 To 16 Dec 17 18:41

Exact 15 Dec 17 19:08

Your biological urges are powerful right now but they may be a little out of balance. Try to direct your energies into positive outlets. A new empowering exercise regime or a debating team may provide a channel for your pent-up energy. You can enjoy this time of extra energy but only if you direct it wisely and avoid conflict. Enjoy the feelings but avoid the seven deadly sins!

The Sun Semisquare Mercury

From 17 Dec 17 08:55 To 19 Dec 17 08:02

Exact 18 Dec 17 08:29

Anxiety and worries can arise through crossed lines. Try not to force communications.

The Sun Trine Mars

From 18 Dec 17 15:25 To 20 Dec 17 14:33

Exact 19 Dec 17 14:59

This is an ideal time for competition if you are in a combative field, or needing that extra boost of energy to get ahead, but do remember to enlist others' co-operation if you are working in a team. In other words use this transit to solve any problems but don't create them! right now you have the energy to move ahead with some of your objectives through co-operation. You can shine in pursuit of your goals. This is turn means that you can facilitate goals that are personally important. Sports may also be a positive outlet right now whether that involves watching or participating.

The Sun Square Chiron

From 19 Dec 17 22:12 To 21 Dec 17 21:20

Exact 20 Dec 17 21:46

The Sun shines its light on any darkened areas of your life as the planets move through the heavens. This can result in some painful memories and/or events. The good news is that you now have the chance to clean out some deep recesses of the past and move forward with a clean slate. The areas that Sun highlights are viewed clearly and therefore can be tackled with honesty and integrity. You can strategise to achieve your personal goals with greater understanding. Forgive, let go and move forward with a lighter load.

The Sun in Capricorn

From 20 Dec 17 21:46

Command respect. Stabilise your life. Build firm foundations. Climb those mountains.

The Sun Sesquisquare The Moon

From 23 Dec 17 20:13 To 25 Dec 17 19:23

Exact 24 Dec 17 19:48

Some days are ideal for forging ahead with our personal goals and others are not. Today is not. You need to have patience today. Your energy levels may be low or the timing may simply be out. Perhaps you are feeling out of sorts and not quite sure why. Try to relax and avoid conflict. The tension will pass and the day will soon come when you are ready to tackle your goals. If you rest now then you have the energy when the time is right.

The Sun Trine Pluto

From 29 Dec 17 13:15 To 31 Dec 17 12:29

Exact 30 Dec 17 12:52

Your biological urges are powerful right now. Enjoy the feelings, learn from them and trust that all is in order.

The Sun Square Saturn

From 30 Dec 17 17:22 To 01 Jan 18 16:37

Exact 31 Dec 17 17:00

Some days you can feel like you are treading water, getting nowhere no matter how hard you try. Today is such a day. Obstacles seem to be strewn along your path. You may even feel a little down, unappreciated and that your achievements count for little. The time has come for you to reflect, realistically and not pessimistically, on the truth. Is this just a temporary period of frustration or do you need to mark some more serious decisions so that you can fully express yourself. Right now steady accomplishment is the way to go. The trick is to patiently tackle any obstacles and make those tough decisions.

The Sun Sextile Mercury

From 01 Jan 18 02:46 To 03 Jan 18 02:02

Exact 02 Jan 18 02:24

Good news is coming your way. You may be delighted by other people's good fortune but it is more likely that you are creating your own luck right now. Ideas, plans and decisions flow. You are likely to be optimistic, perhaps even festive as you are buoyed by your own positive frame of mind. Your confidence is high and you make decisions accordingly. Younger people may help you with good advice.

The Sun Conjunction Venus

From 07 Jan 18 00:13 To 08 Jan 18 23:36

Exact 07 Jan 18 23:54

This is an auspicious time for love and affection. Enjoy the company of your nearest and dearest. If you are lucky then this transit will coincide with a special occasion and you can really celebrate. If not create a special occasion of your own.

The Sun Quincunx The Moon

From 07 Jan 18 14:36 To 09 Jan 18 14:00

Exact 08 Jan 18 14:18

You are feeling out of sorts and not quite sure why. Try to relax and avoid conflict. The tension will pass.

The Sun Semisquare The Sun

From 10 Jan 18 01:44 To 12 Jan 18 01:11

Exact 11 Jan 18 01:27

Stress and tension cause a few problems but hang on in there. Your equilibrium returns soon.

The Sun Sextile The North Node

From 10 Jan 18 19:37 To 12 Jan 18 19:05

Exact 11 Jan 18 19:21

The Nodes are a sensitive point in an astrology chart and therefore transits are likely to indicate something significant when they occur. Sometimes the significance stands out and is obvious. At others it is more subtle and we have to look for the nuances. In this case the Sun and the North Node signify a positive new feature in your life, perhaps even a new chapter. Something or someone may enter your life right now enabling you to shine more brightly.

The Sun Sextile Jupiter

From 12 Jan 18 10:07

Exact 13 Jan 18 09:51

Happy days are here again. This is a sunny period during which you are confident and optimistic. You may also be feeling adventuresome. Adventures come in all shapes and sizes. If you cannot make plans or take off to foreign lands, then why not watch a foreign film or eat out at a new restaurant. You need to make the most of this fortunate period, break free of anything that is holding you back from expressing your true self and expand your horizons.

Mercury in Sagittarius

From 14 Dec 17 To 10 Jan 18 15:13

Seek knowledge to expand your world view. Pursue any information which helps you see the big picture. Explore freedom of speech and thought.

Mercury Conjunction Chiron

From 14 Dec 17

Sad memories are not always welcome, but some times thoughts of loved ones, or recollections of happier times can be healing. Memories and dreams are strong right now. If you can summon up some compassion for yourself and others then this can be a very healing time. Avoiding painful thoughts or news is unwise. It is time to face the truth and forgive and forget. Ultimately you feel freer and more able to embrace a joyful life.

Mercury Semisquare Venus

From 14 Dec 17 To 16 Dec 17 21:48

This is the classic writer's block transit. You are eager to move forward with a romance, an artistic project or a stimulating pastime but you can't seem to make any progress. Patience is sorely needed right now. Perhaps try to think outside the square but don't force the issue.

Mercury Sextile Neptune

From 20 Dec 17 01:44

Exact 18 Dec 17 00:41

Your imagination is luring you to dream, but practical matters hold less mental appeal. You are unlikely to be able to concentrate on practical tasks. However, this is the ideal time to write song lyrics, listen to music, escape to an art gallery or meditate. Anything that uplifts your spirits is likely to be beneficial during this brief transit. You are more sympathetic today and you are also more sensitive. This is a good time to listen, breathe and meditate rather than act. Take your time, think about your beliefs and communicate with compassion and love.

Mercury Conjunction The Sun

From 19 Dec 17 14:54 To 22 Dec 17 14:15

Exact 21 Dec 17 05:43

Good news is coming your way. You may be delighted by other people's good fortune but it is more likely that you are creating your own luck right now. Ideas, plans and decisions flow. You are likely to be optimistic, perhaps even festive as you are buoyed by your own positive frame of mind. Your confidence is high and you make decisions accordingly. Younger people may help you with good advice.

Mercury Quincunx Pluto

From 24 Dec 17 03:46 To 26 Dec 17 06:29

Exact 25 Dec 17 05:53

Something is troubling your mind. Perhaps it is a project, or a communication or contract with another person. Has some news upset you? So that you don't become too obsessed with worries you may find it useful to consult someone professional in relation to this problem. On the other hand you may benefit from some soothing intellectual distractions. Either way it is time to adjust your thinking and let go of outmoded ideas. You may need to let go of a person, project or contract rather than let negative thoughts drag you down.

Mercury Trine Saturn

From 25 Dec 17 10:41 To 27 Dec 17 10:18

Exact 26 Dec 17 11:03

Planning is the first step in any major undertaking. Right now you have the ability to draw up plans for a project. It could be quite important. You can be quite serious. On the other hand the timing is excellent for you to finish all of those minor tasks that you have putting off, or put the finishing touches to a larger project. This is because you have the ability to apply yourself, focus on the task at hand and carry anything through to completion.

Mercury Sesquisquare Mars

From 28 Dec 17 02:13 To 29 Dec 17 21:15

Exact 29 Dec 17 00:03

Physical and mental pastimes can be frustrating during this transit. You have some bright ideas but perhaps not the energy to carry them out. On the other hand you may have plenty of energy but your plans seem to go awry. Persistent effort should eventually pay dividends.

Mercury Trine The Moon

From 01 Jan 18 15:32 To 03 Jan 18 05:47

Exact 02 Jan 18 10:49

During this brief period ideas flow freely. You express both your feelings and your thoughts with clarity. This is an excellent time for co-operative projects or for expressing your thoughts and feelings. You are compassionate and clear; receptive and assertive; and able to listen as well as express yourself. This is also an ideal time to listen to a lecture, read a book or watch an informational dvd. You are receptive to positive communications.

Mercury Semisquare Neptune

From 02 Jan 18 06:03 To 03 Jan 18 19:51

Exact 03 Jan 18 01:06

You are likely to have difficulty focusing on anything at the moment. You may be mentally confused, a bit out of sorts. Someone or something may have made a dent in your usual confident attitude to life. The best thing to do is to do nothing. Rest, relax and be kind to yourself. Listen to soothing music, take a walk by the lakeside, or meditate in a room of your own. Make sure that you surround yourself with uplifting people and pastimes.

Mercury Square The North Node

From 04 Jan 18 05:05 To 05 Jan 18 17:34

Exact 04 Jan 18 23:27

The Nodes are a sensitive point in an astrology chart and therefore transits are likely to indicate something siginificant when they occur. In this case the North Node signifies a positive new feature in your life, perhaps even a new chapter. Destiny plays its hand in communication and contracts right now. You may receive news of a new development, project or move that brings positive changes to your life. Someone young and agile may cross your path. For a few days you may have new insights into your purpose. This is an ideal time to ask yourself, "where is my true north?" Right now you do need to take some action yourself. Fate is playing its hand but you also have the free will to make decisions.

Mercury Conjunction Uranus

From 04 Jan 18 08:11 To 05 Jan 18 20:36

Exact 05 Jan 18 02:31

Originality is the name of the day. Right now you need to think outside the square. An unexpected event or new may take you by surprise. Possibly even a relative may pay a surprise visit. Your powers of inventiveness are tested. This is an ideal time to experiment with new friends, activities, pastimes and projects. If you have been thinking of embracing new technology then now is the time. The more that you are set in your ways the more that you are likely to find this brief period upsetting. If you can see the opportunities that are available right now then you are likely to enjoy a new spark in life.

Mercury Square Jupiter

From 05 Jan 18 10:45 To 06 Jan 18 22:32

Exact 06 Jan 18 04:45

You are mentally pushing the limits for some reason right now. This can be a positive time during which you are keen to learn and travel, but you need to be wary that you are not too grandiose in your plans. Overconfidence can be just as damaging as a lack of self-esteem. You to think before you speak and seek wise counsel before making irreversible decisions. Your opinions are valid but there is a time and a place for expressing them.

Mercury Sesquisquare Pluto

From 06 Jan 18 03:35 To 07 Jan 18 15:00

Exact 06 Jan 18 21:23

This can a time of intensely focusing on a particular project or person. Your conversations are likely to be more penetrating than usual, either on a personal or business level. You can be very persuasive and your powers of concentration are deep. Someone or something may challenge the way that you think or do things. Make sure that you listen and respond rather than try to force your own views onto others. This can be a stimulating or disturbing time depending on your abilities to listen and communicate, handle constructive criticism, and ward off negative behaviour. You would do well to remember that the process is as important as the end result.

Mercury Semisquare Mercury

From 08 Jan 18 01:34 To 09 Jan 18 12:03

Exact 08 Jan 18 18:53

Plans can go awry during this brief period and this is very frustrating. It is possible that you are expending much energy on communications but that miscommunications remain prevalent. Your mind is likely to be active. You may even be worrying over a particular issue or decision. This is a time of hour by hour problem solving. You may be restless, eager to move forward, but try to focus on what you do best and take each moment as it presents itself. In some ways matters are out of your control. So attend to the things that you can manage and wait for clarity to emerge.

Mercury Trine Mars

From 08 Jan 18 23:58 To 10 Jan 18 10:03

Exact 09 Jan 18 17:05

Some quick thinking is required during this period. You are required to be decisive, honest and assertive but to be careful how you express yourself. This is an ideal time for any task that requires mental assertiveness, technical skills and mental agility. Seek co-operation from others, and express yourself calmly and tasks should be completed quickly and easily.

Mercury Square Chiron

From 09 Jan 18 22:17 To 11 Jan 18 07:59

Exact 10 Jan 18 15:13

Something or someone is likely to be upsetting your plans right now. This may be sparking memories of similar incidents in your younger days. Try not to react too strongly. You can only control your own reactions. Perhaps you can learn some valuable lessons from other people's mistakes rather than your own. Memories and dreams are strong right now and these can be a good guide for right action in your own life. If others are behaving poorly then it is time to forgive and forget. At the same time you are free to let go and get on with your own plans. Healing comes in many forms.

Mercury in Capricorn

From 10 Jan 18 15:13

Adopt wise and careful thinking. Seek knowledge which carries some authority. Approach new ideas with caution. Plan carefully.

Mercury Sesquisquare The Moon

From 12 Jan 18 16:56

Exact 13 Jan 18 09:19

Right now it would be best if you stop to think before you speak. Otherwise misunderstandings are likely to occur. Count to ten and then express your feelings calmly. It is just a question of finding the right words. Compassion could be at the fore-front of your mind.

Venus Trine The Moon

From 15 Dec 17 09:03 To 16 Dec 17 23:15

Exact 16 Dec 17 04:08

Aint love grand! Affection, love and romance are in the air. Smile, laugh and enjoy because even if everything else is not going your way you are likely to have at least one loved one of your side. An attitude of gratitude goes a long way to making this day a happier one. Count your blessings and watch them blossom.

Venus Semisquare Neptune

From 15 Dec 17 23:24 To 17 Dec 17 13:36

Exact 16 Dec 17 18:30

You are quite impressionable now so try to avoid life changing decisions. Instead you could watch an inspirational film or visit an art gallery. Other people may be confusing you at the moment. Try to see the lighter side of things and avoid agreeing to anything that is irreparable.

Venus Square The North Node

From 17 Dec 17 23:06 To 19 Dec 17 13:19

Exact 18 Dec 17 18:13

The Nodes are a sensitive point in an astrology chart and therefore transits are likely to indicate something siginificant when they occur. In this case some action is required when it comes to the areas of love and finances. You are ready to close one door and open another. This could be as simple as setting up a new budget, or you could be facing a major financial decision depending on other coinciding aspects of your astrology. Relationships are also under the microscope. Destiny plays its roles as you make changes in key associations. For instance a lover may arrive or depart, or you could make a decision that affects the course of your love life. Action is required for you to improve your luck in money and love.

Venus Conjunction Uranus

From 18 Dec 17 02:19 To 19 Dec 17 16:32

Exact 18 Dec 17 21:26

This week could see some surprises, particularly in connection with a woman or women in your life. An exciting creative person or project suddenly comes to light. Your path is unpredictable. Originality is the theme. If you like surprises then you can enjoy this unpredictable time and go with the flow. If you are the type of person who prefers to be in control of situations then you may be a little unnerved. Either way it is time to remain as flexible as possible, make the most of the blessings and gain a greater understanding of the goddess energy in life. This is the ideal time to start a new and original artistic project.

Venus Square Jupiter

From 19 Dec 17 06:06 To 20 Dec 17 20:19

Exact 20 Dec 17 01:12

Your social calendar is likely to be full when these two planets combine. You may entertain guests or loved ones, or attend celebratory occasions. You need to make sure that you do not go overboard. It is ok to say "no" if you are feeling stretched. However, it is likely that you have the energy to enjoy yourself. You never know what positive outcomes will result from mixing and mingling with other people. Positive alliances can be formed and be very rewarding.

Venus Sesquisquare Pluto

From 19 Dec 17 23:58 To 21 Dec 17 14:11

Exact 20 Dec 17 19:05

Your interactions with others may be intense right now. Relationships and money issues could be a little tricky. You may feel misunderstood or perhaps even frustrated by a loved ones actions. You need to express yourself honestly and then step back and allow others to discover their truth. Meanwhile you are also free to seek alternative directions. You don't have to meet everything head on. Divert your path and see what happens.

Venus Semisquare Mercury

From 22 Dec 17 01:45 To 23 Dec 17 15:59

Exact 22 Dec 17 20:52

This is the classic writer's block transit. You are eager to move forward with a romance, an artistic project or a stimulating pastime but you can't seem to make any progress. Patience is sorely needed right now. Perhaps try to think outside the square but don't force the issue.

Venus Trine Mars

From 23 Dec 17 02:30 To 24 Dec 17 16:44

Exact 23 Dec 17 21:37

The combination of these two planets is likely to arouse passion. Whether you are single or in a relationship you can enjoy the heightened senses. You may choose to direct your excess energy into an activity that arouses your passion. It does not have to be a person if it is romance that you are after then kick up your heels and enjoy the moment.

Venus Square Chiron

From 24 Dec 17 03:28 To 25 Dec 17 17:42

Exact 24 Dec 17 22:35

Misunderstandings can be cleared during this period, as long as you remain open and willing to compromise. Money matters and close personal relationships can be the cause of some hurt feelings, but this is also an excellent time to face the feelings and change the way that you deal with these areas of your life. Observe your fears and push past them. Is it really so bad if relationships change? Sometimes letting go of people can pave the way for new positive unions. Trust that all will be well and some profound experiences can come your way.

Venus Sesquisquare The Moon

From 27 Dec 17 07:42 To 28 Dec 17 21:57

Exact 28 Dec 17 02:49

Today your love life is a little unsettled. The extent of the tension depends on other astrological influences. This could just be a temporary glitch in an otherwise loving scenario or something a little more serious. Try to relax and not to obsess. If you show restraint then you are likely to reap the rewards of better understanding for your loved one. Now is a time a patience and love not for pushing your own needs on to someone else.

Venus Trine Pluto

From 31 Dec 17 22:46 To 02 Jan 18 13:02

Exact 01 Jan 18 17:54

Opportunities currently exist for more positive relationships that support and sustain you. If you stay tuned to your intuition then you may be delighted with the healing powers of love and compassion.

Venus Square Saturn

From 01 Jan 18 21:33 To 03 Jan 18 11:50

Exact 02 Jan 18 16:41

Relationships are a serious business for you right now. You ponder your options and either make or break a commitment. A pause in your social calendar helps you reassess your friendships and more serious relationships. This brief period also gives you a chance to make some decisons regarding your finances. You can reap the rewards of hard work. However you need to plan carefully before spending any money, and when making a commitment to another person. Relations with your partner, or the fact that you lack a partner, may prove bothersome. Now is the right time to face facts thather than trying to escape reality. A practical approach to love and money is required to ease the tension.

Venus Sextile Mercury

From 03 Jan 18 00:37 To 04 Jan 18 14:53

Exact 03 Jan 18 19:45

This is a time when social conversations flow easily as you exchange ideas and stories with your associates. You are likely to communicate with a spirit of compromise and agreement. There are opportunities for harmonious interaction and clarity. You are also likely to have a heightened appreciation of beauty.

Venus Conjunction Venus

From 07 Jan 18 19:06 To 09 Jan 18 09:25

Exact 08 Jan 18 14:16

Bliss! You seem to delight in everything and everyone right now. This is the ideal time to treat yourself to some indulgent activities. A massage, beauty treatment, spending spree (within your budget of course) or short pleasure trip could all boost your enjoyment of life. You are likely to want company rather than alone time. Nevertheless this is a time to fall in love with something or someone. So take pleasure in the harmony while it lasts.

Venus Quincunx The Moon

From 08 Jan 18 06:45 To 09 Jan 18 21:03

Exact 09 Jan 18 01:54

Your love life is a little unsettled. Try to relax and not obsess. Show restraint and reap the rewards.

Venus Semisquare The Sun

From 10 Jan 18 06:33 To 11 Jan 18 20:53

Exact 11 Jan 18 01:43

Right now you are experiencing a lack of support when it comes to your own personal goals. Perhaps you are lacking the finances to move forward with pleasurable pursuits or creative endeavours. On the other hand other people may be slow to respond at the moment. You may feel tense, clear about your vision but unable to put it into immediate action. Despite a little tension, this is an auspicious time for love and affection. You simply need to be patient. Focus on what can be achieved rather than on what cannot. Now is a good time to prepare the ground for future harvests. Take note of the positive people in your life, or join new groups so that you can make new friends. Assess your financial needs and plan a budget. Ultimately this can be a positive time during which you lay the groundwork for the future.

Venus Sextile The North Node

From 10 Jan 18 21:00 To 12 Jan 18 11:20

Exact 11 Jan 18 16:10

The Nodes are a sensitive point in an astrology chart and therefore transits are likely to indicate something siginificant when they occur. In this case the North Node signifies a positive new feature in your life, perhaps even a new chapter. Money and relationships are highlighted. This week you may make changes that are destined to move you forward in a more positive direction when it comes to love and finances. A meeting with a woman may have a positive outcome.

Venus Sextile Jupiter

From 12 Jan 18 04:05

Exact 12 Jan 18 23:16

Do you feel an urge to break free and kick up your heals? Is your financial budget feeling a little constrictive right now? This is likely to be because the planets are aligning to encourage you to rejoice. On the one hand this is the ideal time to put on your dancing shoes. On the other hand you would be well advised to resist the urge to be distracted because you may have many options. Now is the time to follow your true heart's desire. This could be a person, a vocation, or an artistic hobby. Money does not have to be a problem because you can find ways to enjoy yourself without spending up big. What gives you pleasure and costs nothing? A hug? A walk in nature? A day in bed with good books? Indulge yourself a little trusting that this will lead to creative outcomes.

Mars Trine Uranus

From 14 Dec 17 To 18 Dec 17 06:55

Inspiration strikes during this period. Your energy sparks up and you are ready to tackle new and exciting projects. Existing projects are also likely to stimulate. At last you see the light. You are able to breakthrough obstacles in innovative ways. You are able to be a dynamic leader, inspiring others with your original ideas. You are electric. Any unusual hobbies, activities or original ideas are likely to take off right now.

Mars Conjunction Mars

From 01 Jan 18 03:02 To 06 Jan 18 12:27

Exact 03 Jan 18 21:03

It is survival of the fittest right now, whether on the sports field or in the workaday life. Be productive rather than destructive, particularly if others try to thwart your efforts. You can be your own best friend or your own worst enemy right now. The choice is yours as you battle with your own nature.

Jupiter Semisquare Saturn

From 18 Dec 17 04:09 To 28 Dec 17 18:25

Exact 23 Dec 17 14:13

During this transit you may have difficulty striking a balance between your own personal goals and your responsibilities. Tension may arise as you feel the need to break out of old restrictions, but are frustrated in your attempts. Although your tolerance level may be low, you would do well to cultivate the assistance of others, rather than meeting them head on or simply giving up on them. The benefits of this transit is that you are forced to reassess areas of your life which may have become stagnant and tired.

Jupiter Sextile Mars

From 01 Jan 18 07:28 To 10 Jan 18 21:22

Exact 06 Jan 18 04:04

Now you are ready to take a positive approach to many aspects of your life. If some areas have been floundering then you can now be confident of moving in the right direction. This is a beneficial time for anything that requires confidence and energy. You are enterprising. If you were living in ancient times then you would be ready to take off on a crusade. For the next day or so you can start something new, have satisfaction in finishing a job, or make steady progress in one or more areas of your life. Study, travel, overseas connections and legal matters could all thrive under the influence of this planetary combination.

Saturn Sesquisquare The Moon

From 14 Dec 17 To 24 Dec 17 05:18

Exact 15 Dec 17 19:23

Patience is a virtue right now. Fortunately the Moon moves relatively quickly past this astrological influence and so perseverance pays off. You need to remain calm and refuse to allow negative feelings to take hold. Otherwise you might succumb to feelings of frustration and sadness. Tears can be healing but self pity is to be avoided. All good things come to those who wait and you can be assured that positive timed are around the corner.

Neptune Sesquisquare Pluto

From 14 Dec 17 To 03 Jan 18 19:19

It's time to search deep within and reassess your personal goals asking questions such as: Do I still hold this ambition close to my heart? and Am I doing all that I can to achieve my goal? While the time might not yet be ripe for action, it is still important that you use this time for contemplation.

Pluto Opposition Pluto

From 14 Dec 17 To 03 Jan 18 19:59

Depending on your generation, this transit occurs late in your life or perhaps not at all. It is likely to be a challenging time during which you come to terms with your past.

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